Utber, Leonard Harvey

Leonard, who was known as Harvey by his mates, was born on the 5th September 1917 in Frankston, Victoria. He enlisted in the RAAF in Melbourne on the 28th February 1941. Utber L. Harvey Pic 1 

We don’t know much about Harvey except that at some stage he was posted to 452 Squadron. Also, because of his height, he was touching the cockpit Perspex now and then. 

The photos indicate that he was obviously in the Northern Territory, however it is not known if he flew with the Squadron when it was in England. The first one was taken in Millingimbi Island, Northern Territory, on the 20th November 1943. It is of Flight Sergeant Col Duncan (left) and Harvey. The other photo, from left to right, is Eric Mahar, Bill Stevenson, Geoff King, Harvey Utber, John Bisley and Rex Sprake. An interesting aside here is that the G suit worn by the three pilots on the right were not very popular. The pilots were asked to wear them, but apparently they were hell, especially in the tropics, where it was so humid. Harvey never did takeoff wearing one of them. 

Harvey’s report, shown below, is difficult to read, but it indicates that he was highly regarded by his superiors.Utber L. Harvey Pic 2

Harvey was discharged on the 28th February 1946. He returned to the land and lived in country Victoria. 

Steve McGregor 
The Spitfire Association Utber L. Harvey Pic 5