At the time of the invasion of Norway work was started on converting Mk I Spitfires to use floats designed for use with Blackburn Shark torpedo bombers and Blackburn Roc fighters. This work was stopped after the fall of France. However when war with Japan started a new set of Floats was designed to be fitted to the Spitfire MkV with a view to using them in the Pacific and Indian Ocean. Three Floatplanes were built and they had modified tails and tropical filters (the first of the floatplanes flew for a time with the large tropical “beard” type filter but this was replaced by the much smaller type). All three floatplanes went to Egypt and it was planned for them to operate in the Eastern Mediterranean. In the event they only operated from the Great Bitter Lake in Egypt. Max speed 324mph at 19,500 ft. Service ceiling 33,400 ft. See also Mk XI