Allen, Thomas Walter

Tom was born the 1st October 1925 in Camperdown, NSW. He was an apprentice with Harbour Press before enlisting in the RAAF on the 25th September 1943. He trained as a Wireless Operator and flew Liberator bombers with 12 Squadron RAAF based at Truscott Airbase in the Northern Territory.  On the 20th May 1945, Tom was part of the crew of … Read More

Bailey, Lester Maxwell

Lester was a Liberator (refer photo) pilot with 12 Squadron which was attached to 21 Squadron. Lester was born on the 10th April 1914 in Bexley, NSW. He enlisted on the 29th October 1943 and was killed on the 20th May 1945.    The accident report relating to his death is as follows: A72-160 44-41949 B-24M-10-CO Taking off at night from … Read More

Bassett, Edwin

Edwin was born in Victoria. He was a graduate from No. 58 OTU and a founder member of 457 Squadron and was posted out with rheumatic fever on the 15th October 1942.  Ed was killed in a flying accident during a low flying practice flight. Phil ListemannThe Spitfire Association

Chojnacki, Wlodzimierz “Don”

Don was a member of 303 Squdron, which was one of 16 Polish Fighter Squadrons in the RAF during the Second World War. It was the highest scoring Polish-manned RAF Squadron during the Battle of Britain. Of interest, according to the RAF Museum, the Poles were keen to fight but the RAF would not at first let them fly operationally. This … Read More

Carmichael, John Damien “Hogy”

John, or Hogy as he was known to his friends, was born on the 11th July 1923 in Brisbane, Queensland. He enlisted on the 7th December 1941 and was discharged on the 13th November 1945. Hogy passed away in 2010. On the 21st February 1944, Hogy’s plane was shot down over Holland and he was hidden by members of the … Read More

Cran-Crombie, James

Web Master: James is shown in RAAF records as James Cran Crombie, which was his birth name. However, he changed his surname to Cran-Crombie after visiting his relatives in Scotland during the War. His paternal grandmother was a Cran. It was after meeting members of his family in Scotland that he decided to combine his middle name and surname, thus becoming known … Read More

Clifford, Kenneth McRae

Ken was a Wirraway pilot with 457 Squadron He was born in New South Wales and when he enlisted in the RAAF, he was posted from No.8 OTU. He was still with the squadron when it was disbanded at the end of the war. The photo above is of Ken leaning on a Wirraway at No.8 OTU, and the one below … Read More

Finlay, Frederick “Fred” John

Fred was born on the 25th May 1918 in Alberton, South Australia. He enlisted in the RAAF in Largs Bay, Adelaide on the 18th June 1940. He became the Paymaster for 452 Squadron, so we can assume once every so often Fred was pretty popular. He was discharged from 14 Signals Unit on the 30th September 1946. Fred Finlay died … Read More

Fairfax, James William Campbell

James was born in Cessnock, New South Wales on the 31st August 1925 and enlisted in the RAAF on the 11th September 1943 when he was only eighteen. After training, he spent a month with 457 Squadron before being transferred out to 77 Squadron. John was discharged from 77 Squadron on the 9th April 1946. There is very little public information about … Read More

Gibbs, James Basil

Unfortunately, we do not know much about James except that he was born in Australia and somehow joined the RAF Volunteer Reserve. He was a Flight Sergeant with 54 Squadron when he was killed in a flying accident on the 13th January 1944. 54 Squadron had left England in mid-1942 and by January 1943, it joined No. 1 Wing (Spitfire Wing) … Read More