Morton, Alexander Henry

Alexander, or Tex, as his mates knew him, was born on the 10th August 1922 in Emerald, Queensland and enlisted in the RAAF on the 27th April 1941 in Brisbane.

After completing his training, Tex was eventually posted to 457 Squadron in January 1944 and remained with the Squadron until November 1944. The photo was taken in 1944 when the Squadron was based at Livingstone in in the Northern Territory. From left to right: 
Top row: Ian C. “Geoff” Chandler, Gilbert G. “Harpo” Marks, Christopher V. “Vince” Madigan, Ronald H. Bolton, Wilfred G. “Wally” Dial, Allen C. Beckwith, J. Lysle Roberts and Frederick M “Fred” Fuernhardt. 
Middle Row: Frederick J. Inger, Kenneth D. McLeod, James H. “Jim” Greaves, Percy Colin Lambert, Bob Bawden, James E. “Jimmy” Summerton, Richard L. “Dick” Due, Trevor R. Russell, Angus A “Gus” Haynes, Alexander H. “Tex” Morton, Thomas F. “Frank” Payne, Albert L. “Smoky” Lumley. 
Seated: James E. “Jim” Milne, Bob Addision, Arthur J. “Nat” Gould, Lloyd L. “Danny” Boardman, Thomas H. “Tommy” Trimble, Alfred “Alf” Glendinning, Southwood C. “South” wwCreagh, Unknown, Adjutant, Alfred V. “Noel” Ede and L. Allen Leeming.

457 Squadron 1944.1

At this time of the War, 457 Squadron was was re-equipped with an updated version of the Spitfire, imported from Britain, which arrived in a grey and green camouflage scheme. This led to the Squadron nicknaming itself the “Grey Nurse Squadron” and adorning its aircraft with a distinctive shark’s mouth on the nose. On the 13th May 1944, the Squadron moved to Sattler, as well as detaching aircraft on several occasions to Milingimbi, Drysdale, Perth and Exmouth.

By early July 1944, the air defence of Darwin was handed over to several Royal Air Force squadrons, and 452 and 457 Squadrons were transferred to the newly formed No.80 Wing RAAF. This Wing had been established to support a planned offensive from Darwin into the Netherlands East Indies. The offensive was cancelled in June, but this was not communicated to the Wing, which continued to train for the operation until August. After the operation was cancelled, the Wing and its Squadrons had no purpose, but continued to conduct training exercises as a means of maintaining morale. 

Alexander was discharged on the 9th October 1945 from 1 Aircraft Depot. 

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