Mooney, Cosmo Louis

Cosmo, or Cos, as he was known to his friends, was born on the 26th May 1916 in Bundaberg, Queensland. He enlisted in the RAAF in Brisbane on the 16th March 1942, and in a little over a year, he was dead in the service of his country on the 7th June 1943. 

We regrettably do not have a lot of information on Cosmo, except for where he is mentioned in part of a story about Reverend Geoff Sloman, who served with him during his time in the RAAF. Geoff spent some weeks at No.2 ITS, Bradfield Park, where he had failed the aircrew tests. He was subsequently posted to No.1 Bombing and Gunnery School (No.1 BAGS) at Evans Head in northern NSW. There he was billeted in a hut, and his bed was next to a lad whose name was Cosmo Mooney. They became good friends, and Cos explained to Geoff that he had successfully passed a specialised drogue-towing course on Fairey Battles. This involved sitting in the rear seat, facing the tailplane, and winding out the drogue on a cable for firing practice. When the firing exercise was completed, he would carefully rewind the drogue back in. Cos often used to say to Geoff how sorry he was that this training course prevented him from being posted away on active service. 

Mooney Cosmo L. Pic 2

No.1 BAGS was formed at Evans Head Aerodrome by December 1941. It was reportedly the largest RAAF training facility in the Southern Hemisphere during WW II under the EATS. Personnel were also involved in the training of Air Observers/Bomb Aimers, Wierless Operators/Air Gunners and Navigators. 

The official report into Cosmo’s death is shown on the right. The photo is of a Fairey Battle, with thanks to ADF Serials.

Cosmo is remembered at the Evans Head War Cemetery in NSW. Only Airmen are buried there. Farewell Cosmo, you have not been forgotten. 

Geog Litchfield, Bruce Read and Steve McGregor
Updated by Vince Conant
The Spitfire Association Fairey Battle. ADF Serials. 2