McKellar, Ian Fraser

Ian was born on the 8th October 1918 in Glasgow, Scotland. He enlisted rather late in the war, on the 1st August 1944.

The photo is of 79 Squadron at Momote Field in the Admiralty Islands (Manus) on the 28th May 1944. 

Back Row: Ross Cameron, Arch Moore, Ross Day, Jock Haines, Len Reid, Alec Chomley, Paul Seber, Warren Napier, Bill Coffey, Doug Scott.

Middle Row: John Vader, Joe Marshall, Dick Long, John Atkinson, Max  Brimsley (Acting CO), Bill Wright, Alan Yates, Arthur Clayton

Front Row: Viv Pollard, Hugh Kennare, Ian McKellar, Jim Barrie, Tom Williams

The following story about Ian was submitted by David Hopton, a Flight Lietenant in 79 Squadron, and an amateur historian:
Ian was test-flying a Spitfire test-flown following maintenance, when had an engine failure at the very high altitude of 25,000 feet. Keeping his cool and through skilful flying, he kept the nose of the aircraft high and glided down in a series of descending circles which brought him right over the airstrip. Coming in without power, his landing was a little rough, and at the end, he ran out of airstrip, which resulted in a nose crash. After exhibiting so much skill, this was unfortunate, but, most importantly, Ian was unhurt. The aircraft was a write-off.

A very lucky and no doubt relieved Ian McKellar was discharged on the 12th February 1946.

Paul Carter, David Hopton and Steve McGregor
Updatd by Vince Conant
The Spitfire Association