Irons, Randall “Scotty” Scott

Scotty, as he was known to all, was born on the 29th January 1919 in Farfer, Scotland and he enlisted in the RAAF in Sydney on the 17th September 1940.

After training to become an aircraft electrician, he was posted to 458 Squadron. The Squadron, which had just been formed in July 1941 at Williamtown in New South Wales, was destined for operations in Europe. However, almost immediately, he was sent to the UK with 457 Squadron, which was the second Australian Spitfire Squadron to be assigned to No.11 Group Fighter Command RAF. After some operational training, 457 Squadron relieved 452 Squadron operating at Red Hill in Surrey.

Some months later in June 1942, 457 and 452 Squadrons were sent home to Australia, along with 54 Squadron RAF, to assist in the defence of Northern Australia. On his arrival back in Australia, because of a shortage of aircraft, Scotty did not reach Darwin until January 1943.

After his tour of duty in the North West, he returned south and was discharged from the RAAF on the 2nd March 1945.

Later in his life, he married, had a family and from then on, he was a family man in the true sense of the word. Scotty was a pastry chef of great renown and together with his son Garry, he was in business in the town of Windsor. Upon retirement, he and his wife Val settled into a retirement village life in Castle Hill. 

Scotty passed away in May 2006.  A good mixer, father and friend to those of us who are left to carry-on. He will be sadly missed. The attendance of his friends and associates at his funeral service bears testament to him and his endeavours.  His name will always be remembered.

By Ron Lambert and Paul Carter
The Spitfire Association