Hill, Alan Rothwell

Alan was born on the 6th April 1920.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about Alan, apart from the fact that he was a Doctor with the RAAF and that he served with 549 Squadron RAF.

549 Squadron was formed at Lawnton Airfield in Queensland on the 15th December 1943 and was made up of RAF Aircrew and RAAF groundstaff. It was to be part of a RAF Fighter Wing promised by the British government to help defend Australia against an expected invasion by the Japanese. The Wing was to be equipped with Spitfires, as the RAAF Kittyhawks were considered to be too inadequate for interception missions against Japanese Zeros. On the 1st January 1944, the Squadron moved to Petrie Airfield at Strathpine in Queensland and in April 1944, its MkVIII Spitfires finally arrived. Up until then, it had been flying Wirraways and Tiger Moths. In May 1944, it moved to RAAF Amberley, Queensland, and in June it moved to Strauss Airfield in the Northern Territory. While there, a detachment was sent to Truscott Airfield in Western Australia. On the 5th September 1944, it joined its sister RAF Squadron, 548, on a sweep over Selaru Island, 300 miles north of Darwin. In October, both Squadrons went to Parap Airfield, Darwin’s civil airport, while maintaining their detachment in Truscott. On the 27th November, they went on a sweep over Timor. 549 Squadron was disbanded in late 1945 and the RAF personnel returned to the UK. 549 Squadron

The photo is of some of the men in 549 Squadron, obviously taken somewhere in the Northern Territory. With thanks to “Together up There” by Victor Possé and the Northern Territory Library.

Alan was discharged from the RAAF on the 3rd July 1946 from No.2 RAAF Hospital.

Alan Rothwell Hill of Frankston, Victoria, died on the 29th November 1992.

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