Hall, Edward “Ted” Smith

Ted as born in Sydney on the 10th March 1918 and joined the RAAF on the 13th November 1940.

He began his pilot training at the Nerrandera EFTS before graduating at Yorktown in Canada. He was commissioned off course and posted to the UK, arriving there in the winter of 1941.

Following Spitfire OTU training, Ted was posted to 129 Squadron RAF and within a matter of months, he was made a Flight Lieutenant and Flight Commander of ‘B’ Flight. He had a successful fighter-pilot career with 129 Squadron, chalking up several victories against the Luftwaffe, but not without cost.

In April 1942 he was shot down by a ME109, piloted by the German ace, Josef Priller. He was Priller’s 77th victory. Then, a month later he was  brought down again by German AA fire. On the first occasion, he made it back to the English coast for a belly-landing, but on the second, he had to be rescued from the Channel after bailing out near the coast. The photo is of a Messerschmitt Me109, similar to the one that was piloted by Josef Priller. hall e 1

In all, Ted flew 50 offensive missions from the UK before being returned to Australia to join No.1 Fighter Wing’s 452 Squadron RAAF for the defence of Darwin. There, Ted flew 25 operations against the Japanese and in the course of his long service, was credited with five and a half air victories and one damaged.

Ted was discharged from the RAAF on the 3rd Novembert 1944.

Edward “Ted” Hall of “Tangmere” Junee, NSW, died suddenly at his home on the 24th May 2000, aged 82 years. His funeral took place at Wagga Wagga and was attended by our President, Ray Bowes, and his old friend, life Vice-President Bruce Wilson. Bruce made the eulogy to Ted in the course of the service.

Bruce Read and Paul Carter
The Spitfire Association