Ede, Alfred Vincent

Alf was born on the 17th September 1917 at Innisfail in Queensland.

He enlisted on the 2nd March 1941 and flew Spitfires with various RAF Squadrons, as well as with 457 Squadron RAAF. While with the RAF, Alf spent some time in Scotland. From the 9th April 1943 until 17th April 1943, he was attached to RNAS (Royal Navy Air Station) Macrihanish for test and ferry flying duties. He was also at RAF Castletown while with 131 Squadron when it was based there to provide fighter protection for Scarpa Flow.
(Web Master: Scarp Flow is in the Orkney Islands. Being one of the great natural harbours of the world, it was the main Brithish Naval Base during WW II.)

After flying in the UK, Alf was repatriated to Australia later in 1943.  

The photo is of 457 Squadron in 1944. Alf is in the front row, second from the right. From left to right:
Top row: Ian C. “Geoff” Chandler, Gilbert G. “Harpo” Marks, Christopher V. “Vince” Madigan, Ronald H. Bolton, Wilfred G. “Wally” Dial, Allen C. Beckwith, J. Lysle Roberts, Frederick M “Fred” Fuernhardt.
Middle Row: Frederick J. Inger, Kenneth D. McLeod, James H. “Jim” Greaves, Percy C. “Colin” Lambert, Bob Bawden, James E. “Jimmy” Summerton, Richard L. “Dick” Due, Trevor R. Russell, Angus A “Gus” Haynes, Alexander H. “Tex” Morton, Thomas F. “Frank” Payne, Albert L. “Smoky” Lumley. Seated: James E. “Jim” Milne, Bob Addision, Arthur J. “Nat” Gould, Lloyd L. “Danny” Boardman, Thomas H. “Tommy” Trimble, Alfred “Alf” Glendinning, Southwood C. “South” Creagh, Unknown, Adjutant, Alfred V. “Noel” Ede, L. Allen Leeming. 

457 Squadron 1944According to the following edited Aircraft Log for A58-147, coded ZP-P: 
Operational loss after taking off 0800 hrs 21/12/43 with seven other Spitfires from Livingstone Strip. At 0910 hrs, whilst returning from exercise, pilot noted glycol spraying and pooling in and on the cockpit floor. White smoke started to emit from exhausts. Pilot cut engine and continued gliding to base. At 0915 hrs and at 200 feet, the pilot bailed out over Noonomah, NT. Pilot; P/O A.V.N. Ede Serv 405302

Alf was discharged on the 25th September 1945 from No.11 EFTS (Elementary Flying training School)

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