Due, Richard “Dick” Lief

Richard, or Dick as he known by his mates, was born on the 13th March 1922 at Elsternwick, Victoria. He enlisted on the 21st June 1941 and flew Spitfires with 457 Squadron. Dick was discharged on the 24th January 1946 from No.1 Aircraft Depot.

The photo is of 457 Squadron in 1944. From left to right:
Top row: Ian C. “Geoff” Chandler, Gilbert G. “Harpo” Marks, Christopher V. “Vince” Madigan, Ronald H. Bolton, Wilfred G. “Wally” Dial, Allen C. Beckwith, J. Lysle Roberts, Frederick M “Fred” Fuernhardt.
Middle Row: Frederick J. Inger, Kenneth D. McLeod, James H. “Jim” Greaves, Percy C. “Colin” Lambert, Bob Bawden, James E. “Jimmy” Summerton, Richard L. “Dick” Due, Trevor R. Russell, Angus A “Gus” Haynes, Alexander H. “Tex” Morton, Thomas F. “Frank” Payne, Albert L. “Smoky” Lumley. 
Seated: James E. “Jim” Milne, Bob Addision, Arthur J. “Nat” Gould, Lloyd L. “Danny” Boardman, Thomas H. “Tommy” Trimble, Alfred “Alf” Glendinning, Southwood C. “South” Creagh, Unknown, Adjutant, Alfred V. “Noel” Ede, L. Allen Leeming

Due Richard Lief Pic 3

The next photo is of Dick’s Half-Yearly Return of Flying Hours. Note that he notched up a respectable 525 hours in Spitfires, plus a further 7.45 hours as “Captain.” Due Richard Lief Pic 2

Phil Listemann and David Hamilton 
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