Dawe, John Keynes

John was born in Fullarton, South Australia on the 30th April 1925. He joined the RAAF on the 22nd May 1943.

In the RAAF, John flew with 76 Squadron on Kittyhawks. On one sortie he was shot and wounded, and landed on the beach at Moratai.

After returning to active service, he trained on Spitfires. During this time, the war ended. He was discharged on the 2nd July 1946.

After the war, he started his airline flying with ANA before moving to TAA where he flew for a time in New Guinea. On returning to Melbourne, he flew the turboprop Viscount, and the DC9 and B727 before retiring in 1982.

John Dawe passed away the 18th July 2004, aged 79.

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