Dadge, Fred

Fred Dadge was in the Ground Staff with 54 Squadron RAF.

The Spitfire Association does not have much information on Fred, however, he did send us the following (edited) letter: 

On a recent visit to the home of a Spitfire pilot friend, I picked up a copy of ‘Spitfire News’ and it was with some surprise and a lot of pleasure that I read articles on No.1 Fighter Wing and in particular, 54 Squadron RAF, with which I served as a ground staff member. Some of us were located in Berrimah, just south of Darwin, operating radio equipment for the operations room, so we were perhaps not so well known to some members of the Squadron.

After serving our time in 54 Squadron, we were posted south and enjoyed some leave in the southern states, after which several of us were posted back to Darwin to join the recently formed 548 and 549 Squadrons RAF. Here we had a good rapport with the pilots, in particular I remember Doug Wiltshire, Mitch … and Vic Hennessy.

I could go on reminiscing, but would prefer to do so with former comrades, so should any of you read this I can be contacted through the Spitfire Association.  

Paul Carter
The Spitfire Association