Cross, Keith Sydney

Keith Cross was born on the 25th August 1920 in Murwillumbah, New South Wales. He enlisted on the 9th December 1940 in Sydney.

He served briefly as an instructor in 1941, and then joined 452 Squadron in the Spring of 1942 at Isle of Man in the UK. 

The following account is from when he was with 452 Squadron in the Northern Territory:
Led by the Commanding Officer Squadron Leader MacDonald, twelve Spitfires took off on scramble at 11.25 to intercept “Raid 57” on Darwin. They joined 54 and 457 Squadrons and soon reached 28,000 feet. The Wing and 452 Squadron were the last to engage and Blue section, the last one of the Squadron to engage. 
During the fight, Keith developed engine trouble (engine over-revved) while about to engage the enemy and subsequently made a “wheels up” landing on the Batchelor to Stapleton road, 15 miles north west of Batchelor. He was slightly injured.

After his recovery he completed his Tour and saw no more action. He was discharged from 8 OTU on the 29 September 1945. 

The photo, taken at Strauss in the Northern Territory on the 25th April 1943, is of Keith when he was a Flight Sergeant. Cross Keith Sydney Pic 2

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