Bradley, Roy Gordon

Roy was a Leading Aircraftman with 13 Squadron.

He was born on the 5th May 1923 in Maidstone, Victoria and he enlisted on the 4th February 1942.

Roy was killed in an accident as per the following edited version of the Accident Report:
During a test flight at 1948 hrs on the 27th February 1943, a Hudson aircraft A16-212 was making a dummy approach to Hughes Strip and crashed just off the runway threshold during bad weather and limited visibility. Crew Sergeant K D Brown 405822 (Critically injured), Sergeant W R Robertson 401164 (Severely injured, later died), LAC K E G Edwards 61066 (Critically injured), LAC P R Lazarus 32408 (Critically injured), LAC C C Jennings 18872 (Killed), LAC R G Bradley (Killed). 

Roy is buried at the Adelaide River War Cemetery in the Northern Teritory. (See photo) The inscription on his headstone reads, “In God’s care.”

Adelaide River Cemetery

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