Join us – ANZAC Day Luncheon 2018

Anzac Day luncheon 2017

Fellow Spitfire Association Members, ANZAC Day is upon us once again, and this year I’m delighted to confirm we have the Deputy Air Commander Australia joining us for the Spitfire Association Luncheon. Air Commodore (AIRCDRE) Wilson will make some comments about his career in the RAAF, the current environment our Air Force operates in and put context around that in … Read More

Spitfire Veteran returns to the sky for RAF Centenary

In case you didn’t catch the news tonight, Second World War Spitfire pilot Allan Scott, 96, took to the skies above London as the RAF officially launched its centenary celebrations. Click here for the video, on the 7 News website  

The Impossible Flight – Avro Lancastrian (Smithsonian)

This weeks post is a fascinating article on the birth of QANTAS and the development of Australia-England passenger transport, dubbed the Kangaroo Route. The logistical considerations are staggering, and simply unheard of in today’s era of modern airlines. See if you can spot a familiar surname on the way through. (Link courtesy of Air & Space by Smithsonian) Have … Read More

Warbirds In Formation

This one is just hypnotic. Thanks Geoff Z for sending this one through. WWII-era aircraft, props and jets together, out having a play in formation. No Spitfire unfortunately but we’ll let that one go here, they’ve earned it. Credit to Hangar Dois for posting the video. Have a good weekend.

Warbirds Over Scone 2018

Stuck for somewhere to go this weekend? Here’s a great news article from the Hunter Valley News about Warbirds Over Scone,  happening on Sunday 25 Mar 18. Get up close and personal with some of the world’s best vintage fighter aircraft, including (of course) a Spitfire MKVIII. For more information, the Warbirds Over Scone website is here: (Big … Read More

Early “Direction Finding” during WWII – Britain’s Pipsqueak

What do you get if you hook up a clock to a Spitfire TRD9 radio? Britain’s first foray into the world of Radio Direction Finding. codename “Pipsqueak”.  This fascinating article explains how Pipsqueak was achieved, its uses in guiding squadrons to intercept the enemy, through to finding a way home after an engagement. The link below will take you to … Read More

Australia’s Mardi Gething and the Women of the ATA (Int’l Womens Day)

MARDI Gething, the only Australian among about 80 women pilots who flew with the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA) in Britain during World War II, died in 2005. She was 84. The wartime role of ATA pilots was to ferry military aircraft from British factories to RAF air bases around the country for use by operational squadrons. They flew in radio … Read More

Spitfire Documentary

This year is the 100th Birthday of the RAF and the 97th Birthday of the RAAF, the two oldest airforces in the world. It is also the 80th Anniversary of the Spitfire being deployed for the first time with 19SQN at Duxford. Enjoy this wonderful celebration of the Spitfire.

Connecting with us on Facebook

The Australian Spitfire Association has been on Facebook since around Dec 2017. Currently, this page posts updates as they occur on our website. We encourage you to connect with us on Facebook in addition to this website, as Facebook is where our members can socialise. Feel free to link up with us, to discuss the history of the Spitfire and … Read More

The Engine That Won World War II – Jay Leno’s Garage

With 1390 hp, Jay demonstrates the power and engineering of the Merlin 1650-1 engine that was the heart of the P-51 Mustangs and the Lancaster bombers in World War II. Thanks to Jay Leno who talks us through his Packard Merlin and quite possibly the most chromed one in existence! – Geoff