Big planes – Antonov AN-124 and Illyushin IL-76

This post started as a quick Defence PR video of the Antonov AN-124 delivering F-35 equipment to RAAF Base Williamtown this week.  230T useful load requires some serious lifting equipment inside, check out the internal gantry crane loading the flatbed.


Then someone in the office pulled up this video of the slightly smaller Illyushin IL-76, taking off from Canberra Airport (approximately Feb 08).  Prior to 2009, the runway was in the order of 2600m, and these guys used every bit of it.

This one is a clanger. Filmed by Air Traffic Control staff with commentary, the language gets a little colourful.  Long and low takeoffs are normal for these monsters (ground effect gives that little bit more room to play with), but you can certainly hear when the guys reach the point – somewhere over the piano keys – where normal dissolves, becoming ‘err…. is he going to make it?’

A word on the title of this video… Illyushin is indeed a Russian company. It’s the Antonov aircraft (above) that is Ukranian in origin.


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Mother’s Day is coming kids!  Stay tuned…