Beckwith, Allen C.

Allen was born on the 25th April 1923 at Clunes in Victoria.

He was posted from No 1 OTU. He was posted to No 1 PD in July 1944 at the end of his tour.

Beckwith Allan. Pic 3

The 457 Squadron photo was taken in 1944. From left to right:
Top row: Ian C. “Geoff” Chandler, Gilbert G. “Harpo” Marks, Christopher V. “Vince” Madigan, Ronald H. Bolton, Wilfred G. “Wally” Dial, Allen C. Beckwith, J. Lysle Roberts, Frederick M Fuernhardt.
Middle Row: Frederick J. Inger, Kenneth D. McLeod, James H. Greaves, Percy C. “Colin” Lambert, Bob Bawden, James E. Summerton, Richard L. “Dick” Due, Trevor R. Russell, Angus A “Gus” Haynes, Alexander H. “Tex” Morton, Thomas F. “Frank” Payne, Albert L. “Smoky” Lumley.
Seated: James E. Milne, Bob Addision, Arthur J. “Nat” Gould, Lloyd L. “Danny” Boardman, Thomas H. “Tommy” Trimble, Alfred Glendinning, Southwood C. “South” Creagh, Unknown, Adjutant, Alfred V. “Noel” Ede, L. Allen Leeming.

Beckwith Allan. Pic 1

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