Badger, Langdon

Langdon is a friend of the Spitfire Association.

In the South Australian Aviation Museum, we have the only surviving 79 Squadron Spitfire, UP-O, with the most number of original parts in the World and correctly painted.

The story of the repainting of the Spitfire is long and interesting as work on the aircraft with all the original stencils and the original Esquire Calender Girl, August 1943, which can be seen in the crash picture, took many months of work and research.

There are three other 79 Squadron Spitfires, one is in the USAF Museum Dayton,  Ohio in American with Middle East colours (we supplied the desert filter to be copied) and the other is in Hastings UK belonging to Guy Black, which is a newly made Spitfire with possibly an original data plate. There is one other in the USA painted in the wrong colours and registration.

We look forward to any members of the Spitfire Association who may be visiting Adelaide to contact us AH on (08) 8294 9796 or email on in advance (we travel a lot). We can show any of the members the Spitfire inside its enclosure as well as the Fairy Battle, Avro Anson and many more aircraft at the South Australian Aviation Museum at Lipson Street Port Adelaide.

Incidentally, Langdon Badger can help with anything on the RAAF Number 79 Squadron, but is no expert on other Squadrons.

Langdon Badger
South Australian Aviation Museum