Adam, John Phillip

John was born the 30th April 1913 in Turramurra, NSW and enlisted on the 13th September 1940.

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The photo to the right is of a group of 452 pilots at Strauss in the Northern Territory. Left to right: Back row: 404491 Flying Officer J. P. Adams of Qld; 402675 FO Williams; 403070 Flight Sergeant McDowell of NSW; Wing Commander Clive R. (Killer) Caldwell DFC and Bar, of NSW; FO P. A. Goldsmith DFC DFM; 403013 Flight Lieutenant E. S. Hall of NSW; 401778 Sergeant C. Duncan of Vic. Front row: 403614 Sergeant F. White of NSW; 404613 FO J. G. Gould of Qld; and 404998 Flight Sergeant Paul Tully of Qld. 

According to the following report A58-121 F.VC EE677, John  was killed on the 26th September 1943 after an accidental collision with F/O Mawer during an exercise. The report has been edited by the Webmaster:

Accident 0800 hrs 26th September 1943, mid-air collision with Spitfire JL314 (A58-201) near the vicinity of Manton Dam during Flight formation, Army Co-operation and Camera gunnery flight, after taking off as White 3 (Section Flight of 4, led by F/Lt Adrian P Goldsmith) at 0745 hrs. A fifth Spitfire, Troppo 43, made an attack from the rear of White Section who were flying line abreast at 2,000 ft, who then passed below the formation and flew south. White 1 (Goldsmith) followed and took gun camera film. White 3 then attacked Troppo 43 from the eight o’clock position from the sun after White 1 moved to starboard to allow for room. White 3 closed and then moved to starboard of Troppo 43. Unaware of White 3 attack, Troppo 43 commenced a steep climb and then pulled to starboard. His port wing contacted White 3’s port wing causing both wings to break off at about 6 ft from the tip. Both aircraft commenced to roll out of control, then crashed into the ground, with both aircraft bursting into flames a half a mile apart. Location: 3 miles SE of Manton Dam). Pilot White 3, F/O John Philip Adam and Pilot Troppo 43, F/O Granville Allen Mawer both killed. 

John was burried with full military hopnours at the Adelaide River War Cemetery, Northern Territory. Grave F.C.8 (Refer photo). Parents: John Shedden Adam and Ruth Eliza Adam of Wahroongah, NSW.

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