Reg Sutton

Reg Sutton DFC MID Croix de Guerre.


Flight Lieutenant, 451 Squadron

Born May 17th 1914

Reg enlisted in May 1940 in Portland in western Victoria and did his initial training at 1 ITS Somers where he was part of No 12 course. His draft traveled to South Africa in the S.S. Sarpedon. Reg contracted Bell's Palsy on the way to Rhodesia which was a problem for him until a blind masseur in Bulaweyo cured him before he was sent to Gwelo to begin his flying training, restoring the deformity of one eye and his twisted grin, removing a source of amusement to the other trainees.

Posted to 26 EFTS his instructor was 'Panda' Watson who upheld his reputation for early solos with Reg being sent at just six hours twenty minutes dual.

He transitioned to Harvards at 22 SFTS and in 1942 as Pilot Officer was posted to the Middle East with 451 Squadron. The squadron followed the Allied advance through the Western Desert and North Africa to Corsica Italy and following D-Day to Belgium and France. In early 1944 the squadron was re-equipped with Spitfires. During the war the squadron suffered 18 Australian casualties.

After discharge in December 1945 Reg married and became a pharmacist.

Story adapted by Keith Webb from 'Noble 600'.


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